XRF application package for ferro alloys & metal powders

The analysis of ferro alloys and metal powders is performed traditionally on pressed powders. Because of particle size effects, reproducibility is limited to 0.5 to 2% and sometimes even worse.The FLUXANA fusion method for these materials performs oxidation of the sample in the crucible and a final reproducibility of less than 0.5%

The VULCAN fusion machine from Fluxana

The current VULCAN series of fusion machines is based on more than 15 years experience working with fusion applications in industry. There are now more than 500 machines installed worldwide, renowned for their reliability in unbeaten reproducibility of results.

High purity pre-fused flux

High quality fluxes are essential for high precision analysis. Each batch produced is controlled and supplied to you with a certificate of analysis

One set of calibration standards, ready to measure

FeSi, FeMo, FeMn, FeSiMn, FeCr, FeTi
Additionally: SiC, aluminium powder, iron powder etc.

One set of drift monitors

The two multi element drift monitors supplied will be used to compensate for XRF spectrometer drift over time. During installation there is an optimisation procedure to guarantee long term precision, especially for the important elements, calcium and silicon.

One set of validation samples

The final validation is a critical step. The calibration will be checked with validation samples. These may be chosen by the user

Installation of the method and calibration on site

The calibration will be installed and adapted to your XRF spectrometer to achieve the accuracy and precision required for the application.

Final validation with routine samples


User training

Comprehensive user training will be given on all aspects of the sample preparation, equipment and methods.

After sales support


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