Spectro's Q5800 fluid analysis system delivers full oil analysis right at the point of sampling

Q5800Spectro Inc.’s new Q5800 Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System is aimed at critical asset owners in the military, mining, marine and off-shore industries. It is the latest in Spectro’s new product development philosophy of offering immediate lab-quality information about oil and equipment condition without the need to wait for lab results and without the need to stock, use and dispose of any hazardous materials during the testing process.

The portable Q5800 provides the user with data on fluid chemistry (TAN/TBN water, soot, oxidation etc), kinematic viscosity, wear particle counts and wear particle chemistry (wear metal analysis). The complete unit is no bigger than a small suitcase, is battery powered, highly ruggedized and is comprised of four modules harnessed together to provide this unique platform, namely an infrared spectrometer for fluid chemistry, solvent-free kinematic viscometer, solvent free particle counter that is designed to handle the dirtiest and wettest samples and a miniaturised wear metal analyser using XRF technology.

The Spectro Q5800 is manufactured by Spectro Scientific (Chelmsford MA, USA) and distributed exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland by Analysco Ltd. For more information, contact Analysco on 01993 831792 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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