July 2014 Oxford, UK: Analysco, the specialist support company for Scientists and Engineers, is pleased to introduce a novel, portable XRF instrument that will greatly benefit analysts working in the Cultural Heritage sector. The ELIO, developed and manufactured by XGLab of Milan, Italy is comprised of a lightweight, tripod mounted spectrometer head that can be focussed onto the specimen of interest wherever that specimen might be or whatever its size.

The laser guided focussing coupled with twin video cameras ensures that the optimal sample to optics distance is reproduced every time whilst (importantly) ensuring the spectrometer head never comes into direct contact with the specimen to be analysed, which is of course vitally important when priceless artefacts need to be examined.

The high performance optics, with detector capabilities (FWHM Mn Kα) of 130 eV at 100kcps or <150 eV at 500kcps, ensure that even with a tiny 1mm2 irradiated area, the resultant X-ray spectra are of the highest quality. There is even a helium purge option for enhanced light element sensitivity, the unique design of which ensures economic usage of the purge gas. Also, an interchangeable X-Ray filter set is available for the spectral enhancement of mid to heavy elements.

The ELIO complements Analysco’s extensive and growing range of equipment and services for scientists and engineers. An experienced and independent supplier, Analysco provides consumables and sample preparation equipment for XRF, ICP/AAS and NMR and a comprehensive suite of services to XRF spectrometer users. Another particular area of expertise is in the provision of machine and oil condition monitoring equipment for the oil analysts and engineers.


The ELIO is manufactured by XGLab S.R.L. (Milan Italy) and distributed exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland by Analysco Ltd. For more information, contact Analysco on 01993 831792, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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