Spectroil Q100  - The Next Generation of Oil Analysis Spectrometers


Spectro Scientific is a high technology company that specialized for almost 30 years in the development of instruments for machine condition monitoring based on oil and fuel analysis. Our sole focus has  been to design and market instruments optimised for one application,  rather than general purpose instruments that can be used for a variety of applications. All Spectroils are easy to use, reliable and the workhorses of commercial and military oil analysis laboratories that require the rapid analysis of wear metals, contaminants and additives in lubricants. It measures trace quantities of elements dissolved or  suspended as fine particles in natural or synthetic petroleum based products using the time-tested and reliable rotating disc electrode (RDE) technique. Spectro continually innovates both by inventing new  products and by enhancing existing ones in response to customer’s needs  for more capabilities or automation. The new Spectroil Q100 maintains this tradition and was designed from the ground up with the user, the application, and the in-service oil analysis laboratory in  mind.


The Spectroil Q100 uses the same technology and design concepts that Spectro has successfully applied over the years to the Spectroil M family of  spectrometers. It is the next step in design and performance utilizing  the most up-to-date solid-state electronics and optical systems. Spectroil Q100 also fulfills the requirements of  ASTM D6595 Standard Method for  Determination of Wear Metals and  Contaminants in Used Lubricating Oils  or Hydraulic Fluids by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission  Spectrometry.


  • The Spectroil Q100 has a standard configuration that includes 22 elements.
    • Wear Metals: Al, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mg, Mn, Mo, Ni, Ag, Sn, Ti, V, Zn
    • Contaminants: B, Ca, K, Si, Na
    • Additives: Ba, B, Ca, Cr, Cu,  Mg, Mo, P, Si, Z
  • An additional 13 elements (Sb, Bi, As, In, Co, Zr, W, Sr, Li, Ce, Nb and Rh) can be added at anytime  without the need for hardware upgrades.
  • The Spectroil Q100 is  customised for laboratory environment.
  • Easy addition of a coolant program is possible without the need to make modifications to the existing unit.
  • Smallest rotating disc spectrometer in the world: Size (L x W x H): 26 in. x 16 in. x 29 in.  Weight:165 lbs
  • The Spectroil Q100 has overall better limits of detection than previous photomultiplier  systems.  The latest Spectroil Q100 instrument uses a unique  double layer optic with multiple CCD  detectors. A total of 15 CCD  detectors are mounted on the Rowland Circle in order to cover the wave-length range from 200 to 800 nm of  the elements of interest. The  new CCD optical system version has the following advantages over old  photomultiplier tubes systems.

The Optic

The heart of the new Spectroil Q100 is an innovative and state-of-the art charge coupled device (CCD) optical system. The Paschen-Runge design of the optical system  provides the necessary resolution and light throughput to process in less than 30 seconds the spectra of all configured elements. The Spectroil Q100 optic contains a dual layer of CCD detectors making it a compact, yet extremely capable system. The design eliminates the need for photomultiplier tubes with their inherent instability and limited analytical expansion capabilities.


Product Information and Application

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