MAS rotors and caps

Manufactured from the highest purity Zirconia, our MAS Rotors provide the NMR spectroscopist with the ultimate alternative for analysis of solid samples. The need to solvate solid samples is eliminated. They are available for most of the present solid state NMR spectrometers. Our MAS Rotors are carefully examined for material irregularities by optical methods before and after the precision machining process. Each rotor is spin tested to the highest specified spinning speed. High precision (which becomes a necessity for proper spinning performance) is maintained in the manufacture of the end caps. Most end caps are fitted with o-rings for better sealing. Some caps have axial holes for venting.

Temperature range


ZrO2 with MgO

-150 to 650°C

Excellent chemical resistance


F, Cl, C

-20 to 70°C

Excellent chemical resistance Commonly used for 1H studies


Al, Si, O, Bo, K,
Boro-silicate glass ceramic with mica

-150 to 250°C


Excellent chemical resistance
Ideal for 13C studies, variable temperature work, air sensitive and wet samples



C, N, O, H Polyamide/imide

-150 to 200°C

Not recommended for bases or wet samples, otherwise excellent chemical resistance
For multi-nuclear studies (except 13C) and variable temperature work

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