Sapphire tubes for NMR and EPR

For high pressure and temperature work, 5mm and 10mm diameter tubes are available, made to the length of your choice, with the following specifications:

Vaneox 25TVaneox 25T


5 mm

10 mm


5 mm +/- 0.13 mm

10 mm +/- 0.2 mm


.0.76 mm */- 0.13 mm

1.0 mm +/- 0.13 mm


3.48 mm reference

8 mm reference


As specified

As specified


Plug end ground: OD as grown: ID as grown throughougt including plug

Maximum  working pressure at room temperature (design safety factor of x 3)

4,500 psi (300 bar)

2,500 psi (170 bar)

For sapphire tubes and components, designed to suit your applications, please Contact us


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