Spinner turbines

A range of superior spinner turbines is available for Bruker and Varian spectrometers. Innovations from Rototec Spintec have provided a PEEK version of the variable temperature spinner turbine, offering superior performance and durability to the ceramic or fibreglass equivalents at a lower price.

The Spinner Turbines are manufactured to precision standards that meet or exceed those of the spectrometer manufacturers. A new 5mm PEEK version for Varian Spectrometers with superior VT performance and magnetic susceptibility has now also been released, as well as a POM based RT version for high throughput sample changers. The POM Spinner Turbine for Bruker Spectrometers incorporates two O-rings for ease-of-use and snug fit on the sample tube. The POM Spinner Turbines for Bruker Spectrometers can also be used in high field NMR spectrometers.



5mm RT spinner turbine for Bruker (STB-5)

  • Longer upper barrel stabiliser identified by 3mm yellow band
  • Replaceable tachometer strip with foil protection for extra life
  • Can be mixed with originals for auto-sample operation
  • Same weight and susceptibility as originals


5mm  VT spinner turbine for Bruker (B-PEEK-5)

Key features as STB-5 and additionally

  • VT operation, -150oC to +200oC
  • More robust than ceramic types. Will not chip or break if dropped
  • Weight compatible with RT spinner turbines
  • Insert available if required to be weight compatible with ceramic types
  • Long life high temperature O rings top and bottom



5mm RT spinner turbines for Varian (STV-5)

Key features as STB-5 and additionally

  • Eliminates problem of tendency to jam at top of upper barrel during insertion



5mm VT spinner turbine for Varian (V-PEEK-5)


Key features as STV-5




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