Electric Fusion Machine

Ultimate control of bead fusion with
Fluxana's series of automatic fusion machines

Good sample preparation is an essential part of obtaining accurate analytical results, no less so in the preparation of fused beads: the choice of the correct quality of flux is of course vital, but also the method and the equipment used for producing the bead is of equal importance. Accurate temperature adjustment and control, including the correct cooling regime, are crucial to making quality, reproducible fused beads.

Two models of Automatic Fusion Machines are available from Fluxana, allowing the user to choose a system that will exactly suit their requirements. Both are microprocessor controlled and capable of handling complex fusion programs with variable temperatures if required. Up to 10 fusion programs can be stored for rapid retrieval, together with high speed sample agitation and correctly controlled cooling which obviates the need for non-wetting agents for the majority of applications.

The Vulcan, a gas based machine, is widely used for rapid, high throughput applications, with the capability of running up to 6 samples simultaneously. Accurate, microprocessor controlled flames provide temperature flexibility and stability over extended periods of time.

The NEW electrical fusion machine also offers fully automatic fusion of up to 6 samples. For extremely accurate temperature control, one sample at a time is fused in a small furnace. On multi sample systems, cooling is carried out during fusion of subsequent samples. An optional camera is available to observe the fusion process, particularly useful with new method installation or development.

Contact us to discuss the best machine for your application.

pdf Download Vulcan brochure here

pdfDownload Electrical Fusion Machine brochure here


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