Hydraulic presses and dies

Preparation of solid pellets requires a hydraulic press. Together with a die, a stable pellet can be produced with a fine surface, suitable for measurement with XRF. Some materials are fine and bind together well, without the need for a binding additive. Most samples however will require a suitable additive and/or aluminium cup, prior to pressing, to obtain a stable and dust free pellet. For consistent and repeatable results, it is likely that special equipment will be needed to mix or grind the sample to the correct particle size. A range of mixing and grinding equipment, binders and caps is available to suit your application. Please contact us if you need help in the choice of binder and sample preparation method. The most common diameters of pellet for XRF are 32 and 40mm. For good results, 15 tons should be used for producing 32mm pellets and 25 tons for 40mm pellets.

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